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Simonette Appleton, Texas

I was moved by the girl’s humble beginnings. The details were vivid; transporting me to the countryside in Jamaica. As a reader, I loved the glossary that was included. Joan is a crafty writer, who has me already hooked. I can’t wait for Book 2 to find out who knocked!

Luwanna M. Cauley, Indiana

I absolutely love this book. I have alway been a dreamer myself and always loved hearing about other cultures. I know my grandchildren are going to love it. I can’t wait for Book 2.

Charlena Dawson, Florida

I was engaged in the story and was disappointed when it ended. I wanted more.

Loretta Lynn Vroman, National Board Certified Teacher & Librarian

Ju’Anne lets you step back in time through the eyes of a child. She brings together life, love, and family and makes you appreciate the everyday things that most take for granted.

Heidi Berkovitz, Clinical Herbalist & Educator, Canada

I enjoyed reading the second book in this series. For those of us who were raised in the modern world, I was reminded there is so much we take for granted. This story takes us on a journey from one living extreme to the other through a child’s eyes. I felt a range of emotions as I followed Ju’Anne’s bittersweet adventure from the only life she ever knew to a whole new way of living. This story is full of love and gratitude.

May DeCastro, Educator, Philippines

I grew up in a third world country and the setting was almost the same. My spirit jumped for joy while reading Ju’Anne’s story.

John W. Tarver, Artist & Educator, Texas

The writing of this story is so descriptive that one can visualize the events that Ju’Anne goes through. It is arranged in such a way to keep you wanting to know what’s coming next.

Silvia Simpson, Professional School Counselor, Germany

Join Ju'Anne as she embarks on an exciting journey! Little did she know her life would change so much after she answered the knock on her door. On her whirlwind adventure Ju'Anne will meet new family, explore a foreign land with all of its curious customs, foods, weather, school, and so much more. This story is fun and keeps you wondering what surprise life has in store next for Ju'Anne.

Patricia Ane Pope, U.S. Army Veteran, New York

I really enjoyed reading about Ju’Anne’s journey as a child. I recommend that people of all ages read this book.

Sherry Mikulastik, Educator, Texas

I love the story. You can really see the experiences that Ju’Anne went through. The ending has me wanting to pick up the next book as soon as possible. I can’t wait to hear about the next phase of her life.


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