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My Story

Greetings, I'm Joan. I grew up on a tiny island in the middle of the Caribbean Sea without modern day necessities such as electricity and running water. Most importantly, I grew up without both of my parents.


At the tender age of 11, I was swept away from the only place I knew and loved. Out of the blue,

I had to kiss my remote village in Jamaica goodbye.

Flying to Toronto, Canada, where I met my father and new family transformed my life, way of thinking and worldview. 


Later, I relocated to the United States where I completed

my schooling then joined the military.

After my time in the service,

I fulfilled my childhood dream of becoming a teacher. 

Over the past few decades, I've had the opportunity to travel around the world, work along side people from all walks of life and experience life on a higher level. 


I've written about my childhood in my book series,

Book of Ju'Anne.

Book of Ju'Anne Humble Beginnings (Book 1), 2018 and

Book of Ju'Anne Over the High Sea (Book 2), 2019.

I take my readers on my journey from nothingness to nothing less.


This true story will transform your life and encourage you to never stop dreaming, regardless of your age or background.


My first book, The Opposite of Fear is Faith: Ready, set, go after your dreams! was published in 2016. I share how I struggled with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Additionally, I share three breakthrough tools that will help anyone living with this dreadful disorder. 

My passion is encouraging and challenging others to embrace this magnificent life and go after their dreams, regardless of the cost.

"Never stop dreaming!"

One love!

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