Joan E. Ruffins was born in Manchester, Jamaica. She grew up without modern day necessities such as electricity and running water. Most importantly, Joan grew up without both of her parents. At the tender age of 11, she was swept away from the only place she knew and loved. Out of the blue, Joan had to kiss her remote village goodbye.


She flew to Toronto, Canada, where she met her father and new family. Culture shock, climate change and socialization transformed Joan's life, way of thinking and worldview.  


She later relocated to the United States where she completed her schooling then joined the military. After her service to her new country, Joan became a teacher. She has been teaching since 2002.

Joan has written about her childhood in her children's book series, Book of Ju'Anne.

 Book of Ju'Anne Humble Beginnings (Book 1), 2018

Book of Ju'Anne Over the High Sea (Book 2), 2019

She published her first book, The Opposite of Fear is Faith: Ready, set, go after your dreams! in 2016.

Joan earned her Master’s Degree in Leadership from Grand Canyon University, Bachelor’s Degree in General Studies from Excelsior College and her Associate’s Degree in Political Science from Broward Community College. 

Joan has a heart for children and enjoys sharing her story with students from all walks of life.

She is a natural born storyteller and loves to involve her audience in all presentations, and storytelling sessions. 

Joan has traveled the contiguous United States and overseas.


She is on a mission to help as many children as she is able to by providing a free digital copy of her book to all who ask. 

Her passion is encouraging and challenging others to embrace this magnificent life and go after their dreams, regardless of the cost.

Grab your copy of Book of Ju'Anne Humble Beginnings and Book of Ju'Anne Over the High Sea and discover how one little girl journey's from nothingness to nothing less.

This true story will transform your life and encourage you to never stop dreaming, regardless of your age or background.

"Never stop dreaming!"

One love!


Book of Ju'Anne Over the High Sea (Book 2) is filled with adventures, excitement, and an appreciation for the simple things in life. Ju'Anne's dream of traveling has finally come through. She reunites with her mother and moves from her remote village in the countryside of Jamaica to one of the largest metropolitan cities in North America.


Toronto, Canada opens her eyes, mind and way of thinking. Celebrating Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and witnessing snow for the first time reminds Ju'Anne that anything is possible. She's a dreamer and will continue to dream until all of her dreams come through. Come along as Ju'Anne continues on her journey from nothingness to nothing less.

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Book Reviews

 I enjoyed reading the second book in this series. For those of us who were raised in the modern world, I was reminded there is so much we take for granted. This story takes us on a journey from one living extreme to the other through a child’s eyes. I felt a range of emotions as I followed Ju’Anne’s bittersweet adventure from the only life she ever knew to a whole new way of living. This story is full of love and gratitude. 

Heidi Berkovitz, Clinical Herbalist & Educator


I grew up in a third world country and the setting was almost the same. My spirit jumped for joy while reading Ju’Anne’s story.                                                                             

May DeCastro, Educator



The writing of this story is so descriptive that one can visualize the events that Ju’Anne goes through. It is arranged in such a way to keep you wanting to know what’s coming next.

John W. Tarver, Artist & Educator


Join Ju'Anne as she embarks on an exciting journey! Little did she know her life would change so much after she answered the knock on her door. On her whirlwind adventure Ju'Anne will meet new family, explore a foreign land with all of its curious customs, foods, weather, school, and so much more. This story is fun and keeps you wondering what surprise life has in store next for Ju'Anne.                        

Silvia Simpson, Professional School Counselor


I really enjoyed reading about Ju’Anne’s journey as a child. I recommend that people of all ages read this book                                           

Patricia Ane Pope, U.S. Army Veteran

New York

I love the story. You can really see the experiences that Ju’Anne went through. The ending has me wanting to pick up the next book as soon as possible. I can’t wait to hear about the next phase of her life.

Sherry Mikulastik, Educator



Book of Ju'Anne humble beginnings

(book 1) 

Book one introduces Ju'Anne to the world. 

Ju’Anne is a simple country girl that has been dealt an uncertain hand. She lives on a tiny island in the Caribbean Sea.


Discover how she manages to live without modern day necessities such as electricity and running water. She also grows up without both of her parents.


Ju'Anne is determined to turn her disadvantages into something extraordinary. She is on a journey to go from nothingness to nothing less. Come along and discover her humble beginnings.


I was moved by the girl’s humble beginnings. The details were vivid; transporting me to the countryside in Jamaica. As a reader, I loved the glossary that was included. Joan is a crafty writer, who has me already hooked. I can’t wait for Book 2 to find out who knocked!

Simonette Appleton


I absolutely love this book. I have alway been a dreamer myself and always loved hearing about other cultures. I know my grandchildren are going to love it. I can’t wait for Book 2.

Luwanna M. Cauley


I was engaged in the story and was disappointed when it ended. I wanted more.

Charlena Dawson


Ju’Anne lets you step back in time through the eyes of a child. She brings together life, love, and family and makes you appreciate the everyday things that most take for granted.

Loretta Lynn Vroman

National Board Certified Teacher & Librarian



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The Opposite of Fear is Faith

From the moment we were conceived, we were equipped with everything necessary to succeed in life.


Environmental conditions such as self-doubt and fear are learned behaviors that try to crash our progress in life. With the strategies presented in this book, you will discover how to overcome your fears, take control of your life and live it to the fullest.


The most potent force in the universe gifted to man by the Creator has the power to heal, restore and set you free. Overcome your fears with faith.  

Book Reviews

Fear is a strong and dangerous state of being that certainly affects everyone in some way or another. In her book, The Opposite of Fear is Faith, Joan Ruffins unpacks Fear as a concept and a spiritual stronghold. She allows readers to gain a deep understanding of how to unlock the spirit of Fear through the opposite state of being, Faith. Joan’s easy to read book is eye-opening for the non-believer or “baby Christian.” Her book is promising for all spiritual individuals, as well as those who may not believe in the power of Faith, but have lived the power of Fear. Through her life journey, readers will be left inspired with guidance, supported by biblical truths. If you are looking for a book that will help you live a richer life and gradually eliminate Fear from your existence, this book is for you!

Sonia A. Matthew


EXCELLENT READ! I give this book many thumbs up!! I ENCOURAGE anyone at war with FEAR to read this book and to KEEP the FAITH.

Dimikki Finley


Be prepared to take a hard and honest look at exactly where you are so you can follow her suggestions for how to reclaim your life, choose faith and not fear and live out your life with purpose. This book is a must read for all who are tired of just merely existing, those who want to support their loved ones who may be struggling with hard things in their lives, and those who want to break through from fear and go for their dreams. Read it and buy a few more copies to hand out to others around you.

Aya Fubara Eneli

Author, Live Your Abundant Life

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